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Hi I have usb3 genicam camera from jai company when I debayer frame rgb frame has green theme that I also see this green theme in camera software in windows but in its software when I change it to Balance White Auto property to off the green background has disappear and video become normal and good but in aravis I can’t find this option to delete green background .

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I guess you are using the simple viewer, which only offers basic camera settings. If you want to deactivate the auto white balance, you must change the related feature using arv-tool-0.x before launching the viewer.

To list the camera features:

arv-tool-0.6 features

Let’s say the feature is named WhiteBalanceAuto and has a Off choice:

arv-tool-0.6 control WhiteBalanceAuto=Off

Thank you for your response I want to do this in my g++ program with aravis api would you please say me what api do this for me

If you are using stable aravis, have a look at arv_device_[set|get]*feature_value functions:

A little I get confused i use these commands
device=arv_camera_get_device(mycam) ;
ArvGcNode* s1;
s1=arv_camera_get_feature(device, “BalanceWhite Auto”)
The return value(s1) is not NULL
But how can change above property value to off
I see the in my genicam windows software above property is enumeration type and has 3 values
… _Once
… _Continues
Now what should I do next
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Which version of Aravis are you using ?

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Using aravis 0.6.x:

device = arv_camera_get_device (camera);
arv_device_set_string_feature_value (device, "WhiteBalanceAuto", "Off");

Using unstable aravis:

arv_camera_set_string (camera, "WhiteBalanceAuto", "Off", NULL);

Thank you very much it works for me