Fake camera fill in Python

First, thanks so much for this library – I’ve found it extremely straightforward to get everything installed and running. I’m wondering how to fill a fake camera with test data in Python. It looks like I need to use FakeCamera.set_fill_pattern.

A couple of things. First, I am creating the fake camera using Aravis.enable_interface("fake") followed by camera = Aravis.camera.new("Fake_1") , similar to the Python tests. I’m not certain about how to use the set_fill_pattern function since it expects a FakeCamera object. Secondly, I’m assuming once I get this sorted I’ll need to write to a buffer via FakeCamera.set_fill_pattern. I’m a little lost on how to get this working in Python. I looked at the diagonal ramp function in C and am essentially looking to replicate that. Any leads here would be much appreciated.