Generate a xml file


How can I generate a xml file by the ArvGc data ?

I try to use the arv_dom_document_save_to_path() to generate a new xml file, I thought the new xml file should the same as the original xml file. But In fact, I found that the new xml file lost some registers information definition.

Firstly, I create a fake camera by the commad:
./arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -i ens33

And the key code segment as below:
ArvGc *genicam = arv_device_get_genicam (device);
arv_dom_document_save_to_path(ARV_DOM_DOCUMENT(genicam), “dd.xml”, NULL);


arv_dom_document_save_to_path function is broken, and should not be used. I should remove it from the API. The DOM API in aravis is only for loading the Genicam data, it is not intended as a Genicam data editing tool.

If you want to save the device Genicam data, you can use arv_device_get_genicam_xml. The returned buffer is a copy of what is in the device memory.