999k Exposure after loading user set and configuring intial settings

After i load a new UserSet for the first time and make changes in it, the camera sets their exposure time to over 999000 sometimes.
This is my camera Lucid Vision Labs PHX016S-M and i am using aravis8.10
These are the settings i am changing:

node = arv_device_get_feature(device, "TriggerMode");
	arv_gc_feature_node_set_value_from_string(ARV_GC_FEATURE_NODE(node), "On", NULL);
	node = arv_device_get_feature(device, "AcquisitionFrameRateEnable");
	arv_gc_boolean_set_value(ARV_GC_BOOLEAN(node), TRUE, NULL);
	arv_camera_set_trigger(camera, "Software", NULL);
	arv_camera_set_gain_auto(camera, ARV_AUTO_CONTINUOUS, NULL);
	arv_device_set_string_feature_value(device, "ExposureAutoAlgorithm", "Median", NULL);
	node = arv_gc_get_node(genicam, "TargetBrightness");
	arv_gc_integer_set_value(ARV_GC_INTEGER(node), 200, NULL);

The settings are getting changed. I tried arv_debug_enable (“all:3,device”); but i can’t see anything useful in there.

Settings changed to:
image width                  = 640 (max:1440)
image height                 = 480 (max:1080)
gain                             = 462 (min:0 - max:480)
exposure                     = 999921 µs
frame rate                    = 1 Hz
MultiFrame frame count      = 1 
trigger mode                = On
trigger source              = Software
acquisition mode            = Continuous 
exposure mode               = Continuous
exposure auto mode          = Off
gain auto mode              = Continuous
horizontal binning          = 1 (min:1 - max:8)
vertical binning            = 1 (min:1 - max:8)
Target Brightness           = 200
frame rate available        = 1 bool
exposure time available     = 1 bool
packet size                 = 1400 bytes
chunk mode                  = 0 bool
AcquisitionFrameRateEnable  = 1
User Set Selector           = UserSet2
Exposure Auto Algorithm     = Median

Any idea why the camera changes the exposure to such a high value?