About the exception when using aravis

I’m using Aravis on Windows and when the camera drops, the camera value is null, but I’ve checked that the camera is null with ARV_IS_CAMEA, I don’t know why the programme continues to run instead of return, and when I run arv_camera_acquisition, the programme just breaks abnormally here and VS2019 reports “An unhandled exception occurred in the programme”, there is no value in GError at this point. I would like to know if Aravis has any exception settings that can be used to circumvent program interruptions by catching exceptions. Looking forward to some suggestions, thanks a lot.


Aravis is developed in C language, there is no exception handling in the language itself.

What would help is a capture of the call stack when the crash happen. I don’t know how to do that on Windows though.


I’m using Visual Studio2019 and when I call Aravis’s function, the call stack information only shows the information from the external thread, so I can’t find out what the problem is, thank you very much for your reply, I’ll keep looking for a solution!