Aravis 0.7.1 unstable release

I have released aravis 0.7.1, the first announced release of the 0.7.x unstable series, that will lead to the 0.8.x stable series.

Most important changes are the switch to meson as the build system, and the rework of the arv_device API that consistently uses a GError parameter now. Also, with the help of Russel Standish, the camera simulator has been greatly improved.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • build: aravis is now built using meson (and only meson)
  • camera: make set_region more robust (Aleksandr)
  • usb3vision: fix an align assertion (Johannes)
  • fakecamera: improve discovery (Russell)
  • fakecamera: add RGB8 pixel format support (Russell)
  • fakecamera: allow to instantiate several gvfakecamera (Emmanuel)
  • gigevision: pending ack fix (Emmanuel)
  • gigevision: better handling of GVCP error packets (Emmanuel)
  • gstplugin: packet size parameter (Emmanuel)
  • viewer: show stream statistics (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: fix register cache (Emmanuel)
  • camera: move feature read/write API with status here from ArvDevice (Emmanuel)
  • device: add a GError parameter to feature read/write functions (Emmanuel)
  • gvdevice: use Inc in auto packet size function (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: implementation of <Inc> support (Emmanuel)
  • viewer: icon refresh (Emmanuel)

The release tarball is available at the usual place:

Have fun using Aravis.