Aravis 0.7.2 unstable release

I have released aravis 0.7.2, part of the aravis unstable release series, that will lead to stable aravis 0.8.0.

The most interesting additions are the support for ImageExtendedChunkPayload payloads, and the new arv-tool -0.8 values command, that show the value of all the available features.

  • gigevision: support for ImageExtendedChunkPayload (Nathan)
  • chunkparser: add a GError parameter to the getters (Emmanuel)
  • chunkparser: add a boolean accessor (Emmanuel)
  • arvtool: new values command that show the values of all available features (Emmanuel)
  • gcport: don’t try to read a register when the port is an event (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: pSelect support (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: remove value_type property, replaced by ARV_IS_GC_(FLOAT|INTEGER`BOOLEAN|STRING|ENUMERATION) (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: simplify read/write feature values as/from string (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: fix min/max of non 64 bit integers
  • genicam: Float and Integer now get their min/max also from pValue (Emmanuel)
  • gigevision: correctly detect access denied errors

The release tarball is available at the usual place:

Have fun using Aravis.