Aravis 0.7.3 unstable release

I have released aravis 0.7.3, part of the aravis unstable release series, that will lead to stable aravis 0.8.0.

The main change in this release is the addition of a GError parameter to most of the ArvCamera functions. This leads to better python bindings, by adding exception support. Also, even in C, it allows to check for error at each function call, and abort early, instead of piling useless calls.

Also in this release:

  • all: use gobject macros for class declarations (Emmanuel)
  • python: add python tests in test suite (Emmanuel)
  • usb3vision: improve reliability of camera connection (Dmitry)
  • introspection: fix PixelFormat type (Léo, Maarten)

The release tarball is available at the usual place:

Have fun using Aravis.