🥳 Aravis 0.8.16 stable release


I have released Aravis 0.8.16, which includes a much improved Windows support, thanks to Václav. Windows binaries are available in the Msys2 repository. Another notable addition is the possibility to save snapshots as PNG or JPG images in the viewer.

  • ci: use Github actions for linux and macOS (Emmanuel)
  • ci: minGW support (Václav)
  • gigevision: use proper broadcast addressese during discovery (Václav)
  • camera: accessor to float feature increment (Emmanuel)
  • camera: make set_trigger more robust (Emmanuel)
  • camera: fallback to Continuous mode if SingleFrame is not available
  • viewer: allow to save a snapshot as png or jpeg image (Emmanuel)
  • viewer: display all pixel formats in selector (Emmanuel)
  • simulator: now works on Windows and macOS (Václav, Emmanuel)
  • debug: fix output on Windows (Václav)
  • doc: Windows build documentation (Václav)
  • tests: new arv-test application for automated testing (Emmanuel)

Have fun using Aravis.