🥳 Aravis 0.8.18 stable release


I have released Aravis 0.8.17 quickly followed by 0.8.18. These releases introduce a brand new Miscrosoft Visual C++ support, thanks to Siim. They also include a new USB asynchronous mode that should greatly improve streaming performance of USB3 devices. This work is a joint effort of Constantine and Takuro. Synchronous mode is still the default, but asynchronous mode can be enabled using arv_camera_uv_set_sub_mode().

  • usb3vision: fix header inclusion when USB is disabled (Marc)
  • tests: register cache test (Emmanuel)
  • windows: Microsoft Visual C++ support (Siim)
  • usb3vision: async mode (Takuro, Constantine)
  • usb3vision: use GUID for device disambiguation (Takuro)
  • test: extend test coverage in arv-test (Emmanuel)
  • viewer: in-app notification for save error (Emmanuel)
  • camera: make set_trigger more robust (Emmanuel)
  • tool: add glob pattern based device and feature selection (Emmanuel)

Have fun using Aravis.