Aravis 0.8.2 release?

Hi Emmanuel,
I’m Chiara, working to the aravis package for Debian.
I’m waiting for my packaging of aravis 0.8.1 to be uploaded to Debian and I have been notified [1] that a new version of Aravis is avalable from the gnome ftp [2], but there is no release on github.
I will be happy to modify the packaging referring to the gnome site if this is indeed the right place to look for new release.

Which one do you consider the reference: gnome or github?

Thanks a lot for your work and for your help!



Hi Chiara,

The reference repository for release packages is the GNOME one.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the github ‘releases’ on aravis project page, hence the confusion.


Hi Emmanuel

I will change the reference in the debian package then (by the way, aravis 0.8.1 has just been accepted into unstable :tada:).

Thanks for your answer.