🥳 Aravis 0.8.21 stable release


I have released Aravis 0.8.21, mostly a bug fix release but which nevertheless includes a performance improvement of the GigEVision stream reception thanks to Emilio.

  • build: FreeBSD support #620 (Rim)
  • gigevision: performance improvement of standard socket method #617 (Emilio)
  • usb3vision: prevent USB command mix up #622 (Edgar)
  • usb3vision: fix PacketResend size field in extended ID mode #642 (Alexander)
  • genicam: allow more Category child nodes #632 (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: AccessMode fixes #634 (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: fix pIsLocked when target is a Boolean node #638 (Emmanuel)
  • doc: port to gi-docgen #621 (Emmanuel)
  • git: default branch is main now (Emmanuel)

Have fun using Aravis.