🥳 Aravis 0.8.22 stable release


I have released Aravis 0.8.22, which includes a new network command in arv-tool for IP settings, thanks to the work of Masahiro and Romain.

  • camera: new network command for IP settings (Romain, Masahiro)
  • camera: don’t fail if TriggerSelector is not available (Romain)
  • camera: make region setting work even without Offset features (Emmanuel)
  • camera: allow frame rate setting during acquisition on more devices #683 (Emmanuel)
  • gstplugin: allow low frame rate with external triggers (Edgar)
  • genicam: list for forced legacy mode (Romain)
  • genicam: access mode check policy (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: fix inifinite loop during availability check #678 (Emmanuel)
  • u3v: use libusb device-left event for control lost detection (Emmanuel)
  • genicam: fix information loss #656 (Emmanuel)
  • fake_camera: add TriggerSoftware support (Romain)
  • build: appdata fix (Chiara)
  • build: disable documentation by default (Emmanuel)
  • tests: fix ChunkFloat test on big endian platform #670 (Emmanuel)
  • introspection: fix user_data_destroy_func annotations (Thomas)
  • misc: memory leak and warning fixes (Emmanuel)

Have fun using Aravis.