Aravis and CodeBlocks (Ubuntu)


I need help to compile and link any Aravis project under CodeBlocks. I’m trying with the “arvaacquisitiontest.c”, just copying the text on the main.cpp. On the Build Options of CodeBlocks I’m tellin to usethe linker and search directories corresponding to all the includes and libraries descrived in the file (I also installed all the dependences since the arv-viewer is working).

The problem I have is that CodeBlocks do not link because of many errors related to “undefined reference to …” like infflatInit2, inflateEnd, freecon, is_selinux_enabled, g_module_close… up to more than 100 of them.

Ii tried to search for the dependences but no success.

I will apreciate any help.


Hi Roger,

The right way to get the compilation flags is to use pkg-config. Based on the content of aravis-0.8.pc, it will give you the compiler and linker flags.

It looks like it is possible to use it in CodeBlocks:



Hi Emmanuel

Thanks for the answer. I will try later today and come back with the result.


Hi Emmanuel

I succeded to compile and link on C:B. For other people asking, my error was not to include the -/usr/loca/lib path on the “search directories->Linker” tab on the Build Options. Now I will go through the examples.

Thanks again for the support