Aravis for JAI FS-3200D-10GE prism cameras

Hello everyone,

I am working with JAI FS-3200D-10GE cameras. The camera has two sensors, one for RGB and one for NIR.
After following the discussion on How to start two arvgvfakecamera? about getting two video streams from one fake camera I am curious if there is a possibility to deal with two image streams from the same IP, but with two different ports with aravis-0.6.0 or later? Is there a possibility to set the ports behind the IP in aravis? Please excuse, if the question seems on a high level! I am just about to get familiar with aravis and the respective camera_aravis ROS package.

Thank you very much in advance!!
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Hi Nina,

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I’m not sure what you trying to achieve. I have read the JAI camera documentation, and I guess it should be possible to completely control this camera using the aravis API.

When you are configuring the image parameters, you have to select the right source first, using the SourceSelector feature. And before starting the streaming, you have to select the right stream using arv_camera_select_stream_channel(). It is may be possible to start the 2 stream channels, but that is something I have not tested myself.

Unfortunately, arv-viewer is not able to handle more than one stream per device.


Dear Emmanuel,

thank you for your fast and supportive reply.
The channel selection (via SourceSelector) was exactly what I was unsure about.
I will try this the next days and report back in case someone else faces the same challenge :slight_smile:

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Hi Nina,

any luck with this at all? I happen to be attempting to use 3 of these exact units and have just stumbled across this thread, I’ve not had any luck thus far accessing the dual streams.

Thanks for any help!