Aravis needs your help!

In order to improve Aravis and make it support a wide range of devices, we gladly accept donation of GigEVision or UBS3Vision devices.

Here is the list of devices we have at our disposal:


  • Basler acA1300-60gmNIR
  • Basler acA1300-30gc
  • LucidVisionLabs TRI004S-C
  • PointGrey BFLY-PGE-14S2C-CS
  • Smartek GC651M
  • Smartek GC1281XM-S90
  • TheImagingSource DMK 23G618


  • Basler acA1920-155um
  • Basler acA1920-25um
  • TheImagingSource DFK 33UJ003
  • PointGrey BFS-U3-13Y3C-C

We are particularly interested in devices that require less widely used features, like:

  • GigEVision PendingAck packets
  • GigEVision GVSP ExtendedIds
  • JPEG, JPEG2000, H264, Multizone images payloads

If you are willing to donate a camera, please send a message to


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The email address you’ve given above doesn’t seem to work. Do you have another way to get in contact?

Right. The email address is correct now.