Aravissrc with LucidLabs PHX089, write_memory timeout

I’ve been using aravissrc with blackfly cameras with much success, it works great. I have now changed to a LucidLabs PHX089S camera, and am having a failure when using it with aravissrc.

(1) With AravisViewer, I can access the PHX camera, and acquire from it, using any of the available pixel formats. No issues here with acquisition.

(2) Attempts to open the camera and play with a gstreamer pipeline, using aravissrc, results in an ERROR while setting up the stream. See picture below. Also, see Gstreamer pipeline that I’m attempting to open the camera with (just a simple start). I believe the default pixelformat if none specified for aravissrc is GRAY8, so that should work (Mono8 for the camera). At this point I’m not sure if the problem is with aravis or with the camera, so I’m just trying to dig in and get to the bottom, any help is appreciated, thanks.

gst-launch-1.0 -v aravissrc ! fakesink


Are you using the latest release of Aravis ? If not, could you retry after the update ?

The error probably happens when the gstreamer plugin tries to set the value of an unavailable feature. The latest version of Aravis should display the name of the node in the error message.

Hey Emmanuel,

I’m on 0.8.20, I will try the latest and get back with you. Thanks.

Curious, what does the 0x008f answer mean? Some gige vision 2.0 thing?

I’m really not sure, I’ve contacted the camera manufacturer to see what they think and have not heard back.

No, it is just a generic error code. Which was not handled in arvgvdevice by the way.

I have pushed a fix for that.

But it will not help with your issue, we still have to find which feature is not available in your device.


I have updated to the latest Aravis release. Now I can’t get anything to work with the lucidlabs camera, whenever I try to play in Viewer (or use aravissrc) the computer completely crashes. I watched the syslog and before crash I get “Error: cant initialize nvrm channel” and “stack smashing detected terminated”. I don’t see anything useful in the ARVDEBUG output.

The blackfly camera I have works fine with the new aravis, I can play and use aravissrc without issue.

Any ideas what I can look at? I made sure my MTU is good (9000), I changed the RX buffer size to 1MB, and verified reverse path filtering is off.

Hey Emmanuel, a little more info. I modified the arvdevicetest example to see at what point the crashing is induced. Basically, crash happens when we try to execute acquisition start. see the two lines below. The top one runs fine, its the 2nd one that executes that causes the crash. I’ll keep digging.

node = arv_gc_get_node (genicam, "AcquisitionStart");
arv_gc_command_execute (ARV_GC_COMMAND (node), NULL);

Hi All - update. I figured out my initial problem with acquiring via Aravis and LucidLabs camera.

LucidLabs by default have “AutoNegotiatePacketSize” on, and “StreamPacketSize” set to 1400. So that, mismatching the ethernet adapter MTU, was causing my crashing issues. Using LucidLabs ArenaSDK I am able to disable auto-negotiation, and set the packet size manually. I can now acquire normally with Aravis Viewer.

Now, I have an unrelated problem to deal with. I’ll list it here but I don’t expect any help. Using aravissrc, and a gstreamer pipeline, I can get video to display with autovideosink, however the full frame is red. I think I have a processing issue or bit alignment issue or something.