Arv-test-0.8 genicam:schema

I figured out how to modify a .cfg file for arv-test and how to enable the schema check.

I can see the genicam:schema SUCCESS on a Point Grey GigEV camera.

I only get genicam:schema FAILURE when using our camera. Even with the debug level set to 4 there is no indication or any specifics on why it fails.

I loaded your fake camera .xml to our camera and it still reported FAILURE.

Can you point me to the code that evaluates SUCCESS or FAILURE for this test?

Hi Barry,

The corresponding code is here:

If genicam:schema fails, that is because the validation of the Genicam data using one of the 2 schemas, depending on the Genicam version, fails.

The Genicam data of the camera simulator is not valid (it should, but is not, to be fixed), that explains why the test fails when you load your camera with this data.