Bayer2rgb Image Size Too Small Causes GST_FLOW_ERROR


We are using the Aravis plugin (v0.8) to grab images from a camera. We have the gstreamer plugin that works with aravissrc as part of our video pipeline.

I get this error message from time to time:
bayer2rgb: size N is not a multiple of unit size N
gstbasesrc.c(3055):gst_base_src_loop(): /GstPipeline:tag-decoder/GstBin:src_[source_id]/GstAravis:camera-source-[source_id]
streaming stopped, reason error (-5)

I think reason error -5 is GST_FLOW_ERROR. This is returned in gstaravis.c. In turn, this causes our code to detect an error and cease any further image processing and disconnect from the camera.

My question is how do we remove the “bayer2rgb size N is not a multiple of unit size N” issue? Or in the very least, ignore it and try the next frame? It doesn’t look like I have access to the function that does this. I’ve not been able to locate this line 3055 in gstbasesrc.c. The source doesn’t exist on our system either, so I could use help in finding it if this is the key to fixing our issue.

Thanks for all the great developmental work you guys have put into Aravis.