Camera simulator

Thank you for this project first of all. This is my first post here.
I managed to compile and run the demo under ubuntu and I can see images from the fake camera.
My ultimate goal is to build a “camera” like device that produces images to be viewed by other camera viewers.
So I tried to view the fake camera with a different viewer: vimba from Allied Vision.
I started the camera simulator only: arv-fake-gv-camera-0.6 --interface=enp0s3
and is detectable and works fine from the Aravis viewer. However, the vimba viewer can’t find it. Other viewers running under windows on the same network can’t find it either. Any ideas please?
Thank you!

Hi Ben,

Welcome here!

I don’t know Vimba, but most of the time the proprietary softwares of camera manufacturer only see the device produced by the manufacturer. That is may be why you can not see the fake camera from this software.

Also, please note that the fake camera is very simple, on only implements the minimum feature set that makes it usable from arv-viewer.