Compiling Aravis 0.8.10 for RPi4 (Ubuntu Server 20.04.2 x64)

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to compile Aravis as stated in topic name.
During building process I’m getting error: “ ERROR: Pkg-config binary for machine MachineChoice.HOST not found. Giving up.” As I understood, pkg-config help to link installed libraries to compile application.

In the Installing Aravis section on git, there are following words:
“On some platforms (like Ubuntu), you may have to configure the dynamic linker (ld) to let it know where the aravis libraries are installed, and run ldconfig as root in order to update ld cache.”

I’m kinda new to Linux kitchen, so “configure the dynamic linker (ld)” sounds very unclear. Even with google search support.

Can somebody guide me a bit through compilation process, please?