Enabling auto exposure on matrix vision camera using aravis

Hi there,

I have a matrix vision camera. Using following link I could set up the aravis gstreamer element for matrix.

The element works but I don’t know how to enable the auto-exposure when I use aravis?
Does Aravis makes some default configurations for the camera ? How to enable auto-exposure ?



I am trying to enable auto exposure using aravis element for a matrix vision camera I have.
I found set_exposur_time_auto method on aravis website.

Following their examples, I wrote a c code. When I try to compile it using the following command I get a library error:

gcc aravis_auto_exposure.c -o aravisautoexposure

This is the error: arv.h No such file or directory

How do I compile and run the c code?

Any advice is appreciated.


I was also starting from scratch using aravis sdk to access gige cameras.
To build the library I did was is described here https://aravisproject.github.io/aravis/building.html
That worked fine on ubuntu.

To get more information about the usage of the sdk I followed the examples here:

I had one issue and that was related to the missing gstreamer library.
After installing it everything worked fine.

To set the exposure mode I am using this code here:

        printf ("Trying to set ExposureAuto to '%s'\n","Continuous");
        arv_camera_set_string (camera, "ExposureAuto", "Continuous", &error);
        if (error != NULL)
            printf ("Error: %s\n", error->message);

I would recommend to get the examples compiled and running because they are supposed to work fine. Then modify them accordingly to your own needs.