Error connecting to AD-130GE JAI camera

HI I’m trying to use aravis for image capture from a JAI 130GE NIR+RGB camera, using arv-tool I can see the camera showing up, however when using the code from the basic python tests to try and connect to the camera the first line:

camera =

produces this error

gi.repository.GLib.Error: arv-device-error-quark: GigEVision read_memory timeout (5)

Is this an issue with compatibility? O r am I missing a step here?

Hi @Jaster1999

What is the output of arv-camera-test-0.8 ?

Cameras are visible to aravis but essentially returns the same error. I should note using the manufacturers software the JAI control tool works and the video feed can be seen. Furthermore if I connect to the camera using Aravis after connecting to it using the manufacturers software it does not throw this error.

I’m guessing there is some driver needed, although the camera manual says it is fully compadibile with the Genicam and GigE standards.

The console output after connecting to the Camera with the manufacturers software and disconnecting then using Aravis arv-camera-test-0.8.

Thanks for the informations.

Please open an issue on github.

Attach there the output of arv-camera-test-0.8 --duration=5 -d all for the 2 cases (one with the read_memory timeout and the other when it almost works), as text file please, not screenshots.