External camera trigger

I want to trigger a camera using an external trigger,
1- I set the first line trigger using the function: arv_camera_set_trigger_source(USB_camera, “Line0”, &USB_error);
2- I send the voltage and read the result using the function: arv_camera_dup_available_triggers(USB_camera, &n_sources[0], &USB_error);
n_sources is an array of 5 values. after calling this function I have 2 in the first element.

I have a question what value does the camera send If the first line is set to 3.3V? I don’t know the expected value, so is it something we could find in the arvavis-0.8 features or something we should look at in the datasheet?
Thank you in advance,

any idea about this issue please?


It is not clear what you are trying to achieve. The external trigger is a mean to start an image acquisition using an electrical signal. Depending on the device and its configuration, this electrical trigger will either start an acquisition sequence, or a signal image acquisition. Please refer to the device domcumentation.

arv_camera_dup_available_triggers is not meant to give you an information about the voltage applied on the external trigger pin.