Fake camera stream packet size

Hi all -
I was wondering if it is possible to change the payload packet size of the GVSP stream for the fake camera? I have been digging in the documentation - it isn’t apparent to me if you can. Auto packet size is not implemented (found in another thread here), but can you change it at all?



Yes, it should be possible to change GevSCPSPacketSize, even if it is not displayed in the available features by arv-tool-0.8.

Sources/aravis/build on  master [$?] ❯ ./src/arv-tool-0.8 control GevSCPSPacketSize=3000
Aravis-Fake-GV01 (
GevSCPSPacketSize = 3000 min:0 max:65535

Thank you very much!