Frame drops when 5G camera connects to 10G adapter


I am using Aravis 0.8.26.

My camera’s resolution is 4096 x 4096, 16bit.
Maximum frame rate is 17.69fps.
When set to the maximum frame rate, 1 frame will be dropped periodically, and after gradually reducing the frame rate, no frame loss will be found at 17.60fps.

Then I changed another camera for testing and the same problem occurred.
Another camera’s resolution is 5120 x 5120, 12bit.
Maximum frame rate is 15.09fps.
When it is set to the maximum frame rate, it will periodically drop 1 frame. After gradually reducing the frame rate, it will no longer drop frames when the frame rate is 15.00fps.

I calculated that both cameras transmit about 563.2MB of data per second without dropping frames. Does it mean that the performance of aravis can only reach this amount of data?
Or is there any other way to make these two cameras not drop frames at the maximum frame rate?

I have set Jumbo frame to 9014.
Set auto_packet_size, the packet size = 7728.
socket-buffer-size = payload x 6.

Hi Cynthia,

I have never ran Aravis over a 10Gb/s connection. The transfer is probably limited by the CPU. Could you check the CPU use when arv-camera-test-0.8 is running and report the value here ?

Please also send the output of arv-camera-tes-0.8 with debugging enabled (-d all). It will tell us the number of missing packets.

You may try the packet socket mode. It requires some elevated privileges, so you have to run arv-camera-test-0.8 as root. Please tell us if it improve things for you, and the CPU use.