Framerate drop with 2 PointGrey cameras

Hi there!

I am developing a project using 2 GigE PointGrey/BlackFly cameras.
I have some quite annoying problems with their framerate dropping regularly without any identifiable reason I could figure out so far. It seems there is some kind of max bandwidth for receiving the video signal, and that this is negociated in peculiar ways between the two cameras… also, sometimes, after a while (a few hours), one or both cameras simply fall down to 0 fps ! doh !

I have found this page about bandwidth management for GigE cameras, for another system (IDS), but I don’t seem to find anything similar in Aravis’s documentation… or did I miss anything obvious ?

Any hint, suggestion, recommandation, place to look into ?

Cheers! And thanks for the great work,


The context is this: which is an openFrameworks app, using this ofAddon:
So, basically, I am just getting video from the cams, adding a simple shader processing to them, and forwarding it to another app by using Syphon.
In case that helps…


Most of the time, even if there is no helper function in ArvCamera API, you can apply what you see in other documentations by setting the according features using arv_camera_{set|get}_{integer|boolean|string} functions.

In the case of inter packet delay set using GevSCPD feature, you may want to use arv_camera_set_packet_delay().



Thanks @Emmanuel !

This is very helpful, I will try this as soon as I put my hands again on this project.