How to add to library

How do you add files to meson to be included and exported from the library? I added my header/source files to the src directory, added the files to the ‘no-introspection’ library header and sources list, and added the header file to arv.h. Configured meson (meson build) and ran ninja, but when I compile the fake camera (where I want to use my new functions) it tells me that all the references to my functions are undefined. I don’t know enough about meson, but what I have done seems straight forward and I would imagine work.

Figured it out - forgot to add ARV_API to the functions.


Yes, ARV_API must be added to every public API. This is required by the MSVC support.

Would you mind sharing what you are adding to Aravis ?

I was just trying to add a “flipbook” that would loop through a directory of images that you could use with the fake camera. Basically, you point it at a folder and cycles through the images double buffer style that you can then feed into an arvbuffer.