How to check version of Aravis using python bindings?

How to check with python bindings what version of Aravis I am running?

Recently updated to Aravis 0.8.16

Thank you!


I don’t think it is possible to retrieve the version your code is running against.

We could add a set of version accessors in Aravis, similar to what Gtk defines:

gtk_get_major_version ()
gtk_get_minor_version ()
gtk_get_micro_version ()

Please open a feature request on Github.



@Emmanuel Is there a workaround or file that I can check that will confirm that I have successfully updated to 0.8.16?

Thank you!

Yes, this file:



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In my case, the file was found in a different location.

locate arvversion.h

The build/src and include/aravis-0.8 versions of this file where both at version 0.8.16 the expected version.