How to find camera names

Hi Emmanuel,
How can i find the camera name to enter in gst pipeline…


The camera names are explained here:

You can use arv-tool-0.8 to find the name of your camera. For example:

~ ❯ arv-tool-0.8
Basler-2676014A8F61-21663585 (USB3)
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Hi Emmanuel,
Thank you for quick reply. Got video stream from GStreamer pipeline.
May I know installation of tiscamera necessary for GStreamer pipeline? I am using GigE camera by denob using ethernet interface.

What is your camera ? Even if it is a TheImagingSource, it should work without tiscamera.

Camera is OZRAY - DE640F60GE (DENEB).

So it is not a TheImagingSource camera, you don’t need tiscamera.