How to install Aravis to be Used with Python

I am a beginner to linux so sorry for not understanding some of the terminology but i am having trouble installing Aravis onto my raspberry pi4 with DebianOS. From the limited resources i could find i have followed many tutorials to no avail including this one(Using GigE Cameras with <br> Aravis | OpenCV | Gstreamer [<span class="caps">UPDATED</span>] - BitsMakeMeCrazy <br> Kushal Vyas's Blog) Using meson i think i have successfully ‘Built’ Aravis but now i think i am having trouble with having python “See” the Aravis library if that makes sence when i try to make a python script with

import gi
gi.require_version ('Aravis', '0.8')
from gi.repository import Aravis

It stops on the second line with,
raise ValueError(‘Namespace %s not avaliable’ % namespace )
ValueError: Namespace Aravis not avaliable

I would appreciate the help as i think aravis is my solution to accessing a GigE camera on a raspberry pi. Thank you for your response.


Depending on where you have installed Aravis (/usr/local by default), you may have to set the GI_TYPELIB_PATH environment variable, and may be LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I was using Aravis at RPi3, no problems. I’d suggest you use the packaged version of Aravis; you will need the gir1.2-aravis-0.8 package for Python. The you should not need any of GI_TYPELIB_PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH since the packages put files in to standard locations.

Did you not just forget to install, after building?

So i download that package you linked and just have it in same directory as my .py file? Then i should be able to just straight “import Aravis” or through gi like in my original post.

Install the package via apt like other programs (see RPi OS APT), so it will be something like sudo apt install gir1.2-aravis-0.8 in the terminal.

And then it will allow me to just “import Aravis” in a python file? Thanks for your patience ill give it a try tomorrow.

Then you do like you originally wrote

import gi
gi.require_version ('Aravis', '0.8')
from gi.repository import Aravis

See e.g. here for the same (older Aravis version).

Now i can import with no errors, Now how would i be able to get frames from my Gige camera to be used with opencv for image processing. All inm python btw thanks for your help

Look e.g. here for an example (pup_buffer, get_data, then conversion to np.array — opencv in python uses np.array for images).