How to read DeviceLinkHeartbeatTimeout feature


Thank you for this library, its fantastic to have these open source tools.

I am also tacking onto this thread as I have been troubleshooting a few issues with a camera that is also in the heartbeat / power cycle loop.

Currently I am writing several unit tests that initialise and set up the camera, I will get write errors (GigE memory write access) indicating that I am unable to write to the feature, even if write access is allowed in the hardware documentation. When using software triggers is gets stuck on the AcquisitionFrameRateEnable feature. If I power cycle, or run arv-tool-0.8 control DeviceReset -d all then I can run once more only for it to hand on write permissions again. This makes the feature seem like its a read, write once value. I could implement something like you have for this to reset between each unit test, but I would like to figure out if this is a heartbeat time out issue instead of brute resetting. Currently I can not figure out how to get the heartbeat value from the camera, I can return true from arv_camera_is_feature_available(camera, “DeviceLinkHeartbeatTimeout”, &error), but any attempt to read the float fails? I have determines the existence of the DeviceLinkHeartBeatTimeout from arv-tools features.


I have moved your question to another topic.

What gives arv-tool-0.8 values DeviceLinkHeartBeatTimeout ?