How to set default values?

Hello all, and thanks again to the developer(s) of this great and sooooo useful driver and tools.

I’m using Aravis (on Mac OS 10.15.7) to get real-time GigE cam input (screen-capturing the arv-viewer window in Millumin’s live performance software), and would like to be able to set the following values as default parameters in arv-viewer :

  • Pixel Format = “YUV422_8”
  • Region Size = 800 x 600 pixels
  • Frequency = 60 Hz
  • Exposition = 9000 instead of Auto
  • Gain = 49.80 instead of Auto

Can I pass these on at startup through the command-line run statement ?
(or at least the Pixel Format and Region Size, since Frequency, Exposition and Gain need that the camera be chosen and activated first…)

Thanks in advance for your help,
and thanks again for this amazing piece of software !


Unfortunately, feature setting persistence is not implemented in arv-viewer. Aravis viewer is mostly a debugging tool and lacks many of the features of the proprietary alternatives. That being said, any patch improving this tool is welcome !


You could make a shell script using arv-tool-0.8 control [FEATURE]=[VALUE] and then run that script before running the arv-viewer.


Hi @synthetik-dev ,

Good suggestion. It should work most of the time, but be aware some devices lose their settings between each connection.



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hi @synthetik-dev !
thanks for the tip. I was indeed looking for something of that kind.

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