IDS GV-5200SE-C-HQ support

Hello the Aravis community!

I would like to use Aravis to communicate with Genicam instead of relying on the manufacturers closed source SDKs and develop a new interface for each camera brand I am using.
With the current electronic shortage, it can be difficult to source cameras and we may use several brands so using an open and brand agnostic library is interesting.

Thank you a lot @Emmanuel for all your work on this project!

In order to try Aravis, I am using an IDS GV-5200SE-C-HQ Ethernet camera.
I have already managed to use it with Aravis so that’s a great start.

To enable the software trigger, I had to set it manually because the IDS software sets the TriggerSelector to ExposureStart instead of AcquisitionStart as done by Aravis. If I use the later, the camera does not send frames by itself, which is ok, but as soon as I execute a software trigger, the frames starts to come automatically as in free running mode, with a certain framerate.
Maybe we can add a special case in arv_camera_set_trigger function?

To check if I will get other “surprises”, I have run the arv-test from the git repo and I have several issues:

Found 1 device
Testing 'IDS:GV-520xSE-C'
Genicam:Load                        SUCCESS 
Genicam:Schema                      IGNORED 
Properties:SensorSizeReadout        SUCCESS 
Properties:SensorSizeCheck          IGNORED 
Properties:GainReadout              SUCCESS 
Properties:ExposureTimeReadout      SUCCESS 
MultipleAcquisitionA:BufferCheck    FAILURE 8/10
MultipleAcquisitionA:FrameRate      FAILURE 12.86 Hz (expected:10.00 Hz)
SoftwareTrigger:BufferCheck         SUCCESS 5/5
MultipleAcquisitionB:BufferCheck    FAILURE 2/10
MultipleAcquisitionB:FrameRate      FAILURE 45.00 Hz (expected:5.00 Hz)
SingleAcquisition:BufferCheck       FAILURE 
Chunks:BufferCheck                  FAILURE [ChunkEnable] [ChunkEnable_Value_ctrl] GigEVision write_memory error (generic)
GigEVision:NStreamChannels          SUCCESS 
GigEVision:StreamChannel            SUCCESS

And here is the full debug output.

I am not sure about how to interpret that output but it seems to me that some changes would be needed in Aravis to fully support this camera.

I will try to figure out how to fix the test results myself, but any help on interpreting the debug logs is welcomed.