Is Aravis attempting to be a genTL library?

Hi Aravis Community,

I am researching machine vision software possibilities and am excited with the promise that the genicam standard is stating of camera interaction, regardless of interface.

I have found two options beside aravis:

For these two a genTL library is needed. This can come from the camera manufacturer or found online to work with multiple cameras.
Reading the limited documentation of Aravis I am getting the impression that it does not need such a library.

From the docs I also found “it does not try to be a complete implementation of the Genicam API as described in the GenAPI GenICam document.”

What is the advantage of using Aravis over the standard genicam approach (as shown below)?

Hi Bart,

Thanks for your interest in Aravis.

You are right, Aravis tries to implement everything needed for the camera control and the video stream reception.

It should even say « Aravis does not try to implement the Genicam API ». What Aravis is using in the Genicam specification is the XML data description.

The main advantage is you get a full open source stack. No ties to a camera manufacturer or a single software vendor. The code is available and you can adapt it to suit your needs.