Is there API to get the value of EnumEntry from DisplayName?

Hi, I am wondering if Aravis has (or is going to have) API to get the value of GenICam enumeration entry from displayName.

I realized that Aravis 0.8.30 has APIs to obtain all available values and displayName of enumeration entry of GenICam devices (arv_device_dup_available_enumeration_feature_values, arv_device_dup_available_enumeration_feature_values_as_strings, arv_device_dup_available_enumeration_feature_values_as_display_names, and arv_device_is_enumeration_entry_available), but what I would like to do is get 0x1100005 from “PixelFormat” and “Mono12”.

		<Enumeration Name="PixelFormat" NameSpace="Standard">
			<ToolTip>Format of the pixels provided by the device.</ToolTip>
			<Description>Format of the pixels provided by the device. It represents all the information provided by PixelSize, PixelColorFilter combined in a single feature.</Description>
			<DisplayName>Pixel Format</DisplayName>
			<EnumEntry Name="Mono12" NameSpace="Standard">
				<ToolTip>Monochrome 12-bit unpacked</ToolTip>
				<Description>Monochrome 12-bit unpacked</Description>

If there’s no such API, I am planning to add this feature, but if I am just missing something, could you please tell me?

Hi, there is arv_gc_enum_entry_get_value, which, if I understand, will operate on the GenICam (gc) node. This function is called from arv_gc_enumeration_dup_available_int_values, which I think is what you are looking for. (I got this by grepping the source, so can’t give you an example of use…)