🍫 Kind camera donation from SIELAFF


Thanks to the good people at SIELAFF, the Aravis test camera collection has gained 5 more devices:

  • Basler daA1440-220um
  • Basler daA3840-45uc
  • Basler daA1920-160um
  • Hikrobot MV-CB013-A0UM-S
  • Hikrobot MV-CB060-10UC-S

All of them are USB3Vision devices. This donation has already led to a bunch of USB3Vision related improvements as found in this soon to be merged branch: https://github.com/AravisProject/aravis/pull/806. It also made clear it was time to switch to libusb asynchronous API by default. This mode gives us better USB transfer performances, and works better with larger image buffers.

SIELAFF also sent us a set of POE power extractors, which will allow us to improve our test setup.

Thanks !



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