Problem with aravis and Eclipse C indexer

I always use Eclipse when working with C/C++.
With CMake, I am able to compile a sample project with Aravis. CMake uses pkg-config and can resolve the aravis dependency.
Aravis is installed by running meson build. The aravis headers are present in /usr/local/include/aravis-0.8

In Eclipse, I get the error “Type ArvCamera could not be resolved”.

To reiterate: compilation: OK. Eclipse indexing: not OK.

I tried to adjust the CDT User Entries and add the path /usr/local/include/aravis-0.8.
Also added to the include paths.

See below my sample C++ file which is experiencing problem.

Anyway, appreciate the library. I plan to use it quite a bit for UAV-mounted industrial cameras (just ordered a Daheng camera).