Problem with viewing the simulated camera from another host

Hi, Thank you for this project first of all. This is my first post here.

I have two Centos 8 computers with aravis 0.8 with the idea that one uses it as a camera with the Aravis-Fake simulator running and the other visualizes it. Well in this case, from the client side, in the arv-viewer I see the camera but I cannot reproduce it, the play button disabled (arv-viewer very slow) and from the gst-launch I get the following error. “Could not read camera ‘Aravis-Fake-GV02’: Invalid Genicam data"

On the other hand, if from the same client I also start its Aravis-Fake-GV01 camera, from the arv-viewer I can see both cameras and now I can view the camera of the other host (GV02) without problem and with arv-viewer without the slowness of before. With gstreamer I can view it without problem too.

That could be happening? Is there any other solution to get what I want to do?

Thank you very much.


Your post was stuck in the moderation list. Sorry about that.

Meanwhile I have seen you have reported an issue here:

If you want to be able to reach a camera simulator from another host, you have to tell it the interface it should listen to. The default one is lo, which corresponds to the local address, and thus makes the simulator only available locally.

You have to find the name of the interface connected to the network, using ifconfig for example, then give it to arv-fake-gv-camera using -i parameter. For example:

arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -i np0s20f0u1u4

There was a regression in aravis 0.8.5 breaking this setting. The issue is fixed in Aravis 0.8.6.



with 0.8.6 it works correctly, thank you very much

Hi Emmanuel,

I’m using Aravis 0.8.7 and it looks like I have a similar problem.

I have two computers hooked on the same network, let’s call them “Camera computer” and “Viewer computer”.

On the “Camera computer” side

I launch the fake camera with:

arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -i wlp111s0 -s fake_cam1

On the “Viewer computer” side

I launch the Aravis Viewer:


At this point, I can see in Aravis Viewer the fake_cam1 that I created on the “Camera computer” side but when I press the “Play” button, I only see a black frame. The status indicates 0.0 fps with 0 image and increasing number of errors. However, the built-in fake camera displays correctly in Aravis Viewer.

Going back to the “Camera computer” side. I launch Aravis Viewer and the same fake_cam1 is displaying correclty.

Is this a bug or do I miss something?


Hi Samuel,

Please open an issue on github.

I would be interested in the debug output of arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -d all -i wlp111s0 -s fake_cam1.

For the tests, please use arv-camera-test -d all and also attach the debug output.


Thanks for your reply.

I opened the following issue on github (#499) and attached the output log from the following command:

arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -d all -i wlp111s0 -s fake_cam1

For the arv-camera-test, in which conditions do you want me to run the test? Do I need to start the fake cam first on the “Camera computer” side and then the arv-camera-test on the “Viewer computer” side or do I run them both on the same computer?