Reconstruct image stream from a .pcap (packet capture)

Hi All,

I have a .pcap captured from tcpdump/wireshark (can’t remember), a stream of a few images from a GigE camera (teledyne dalsa). I am looking to replay the .pcap into aravis and extract a few pngs, for testing purposes. I want to avoid writing a packet parser, as Aravis already does this. I can replay the .pcap at a known virtual ethernet (TUN/TAP) device. However, I want to avoid any jibber-jabber that happens between aravis and the camera, as I already have the destination IP and port from which the data was captured.

Have any of you attempted this? If not, I was thinking somehow initializing a stream with a known parameters like Destination Port, source port, and somehow bootstrap a stream. Any wisdom is appreciated.