Regarding Aravis and GigE standard usage imposition

Hi Emmanuel,
First off you certainly deserve a bow for creating such a project single-handedly.
I have confusion regarding the licensing of GigE standard. The GigE standard maintainer i.e. AIA in their website detecting to obtain license to distribute any software implemented that is complaint to GigE. Then how come we can distribute as free and opensource. Or my understanding is wrong here…

Pasting the snippet from AIA website.

Anyone wishing to develop, manufacture, or sell private labeled compliant product for commercial purposes or to develop compliant software for distribution must obtain a license to use the GigE Vision standard and the GigE Vision name and logo from the AIA. AIA offers a free download of the standard for evaluation. Licensing should occur when you start to utilize the intellectual property (IP) of the standard for development. All products (including software) must be registered with the AIA and must be tested for compliancy with the standard.


Aravis does not claim to be a compliant GigEVision product, nor a USB3Vision compliant one.

It is developed by reverse engineering, without using the GigEVision and USB3Vision standard documentation, and contributors are asked to not use these documents.