Regarding to use the ARAVIS SDK

Hi Emmanuel,

My name is Jimmy, the Nvidia Ai dev. Engineer in marketing group.

Currently I try to use Nvidia DeepStream SDK to integrate ARAVIS into the Object Detection Apps. The prototyping task is successful.

I like the ARAVIS SDK which made my apps working in short time. ARAVIS Project: GitHub - AravisProject/aravis: A vision library for genicam based cameras

From your GitHub, I can not find any license related file or restrictions.

Since I will work on my GitHub draft for DeepStream Application on Object Detection Using the ARAVIS and GiGE Camera., could you please let me know:

• Do we need to sign any document before we can use ARAVIS SDK?
• If not, any restrictions on use of ARAVIS SDK?

I will appreciate your response

Have a nice day!

Hi @Jimmy_Qin,

I was curious about the answer to your question and found this on the github: (GitHub - AravisProject/aravis: A vision library for genicam based cameras)

“Aravis is released under the LGPL v2+.”

Hopefully that helps!