Ressource deadlock avoided during pthread_join

I’m using Aravis 0.4.

Hello, when I change the ROI and/or the binning I often encounter this error:

(process:8230): GLib-ERROR **: file /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.32.1/./glib/gthread-posix.c: line 1158 (g_system_thread_wait): error 'Resource deadlock avoided' during 'pthread_join (pt->system_thread, NULL)'

From what I understand, it’s about a join between threads.
Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance


Dear Emmanuel, I see on git that you have already encounter this issue.
Race in stream new-buffer signal leads to self destruction · Issue #50 · AravisProject/aravis · GitHub
Apparently, there is a way to fix this. How can I do those modifications ?

Ty in advance


I try to modify my source file following this fix:
emit_signals synchronization by mdavidsaver · Pull Request #51 · AravisProject/aravis · GitHub

Then, ./configure make make install

But nothing change, do you have any idea ?



Hi Romain,

Some other users of Aravis may help you, but speaking of myself, developing and supporting the latest stable series is already enough work to not spend time on investigating an issue that is possibly fixed for a long time.

Don’t take this as a reproach of any sort, I just want to explain why you won’t get an answer from me on issues regarding Aravis 0.4. I guess you have your reason to use it.