Selecting the proper network interface

Running on macOS, when I work with GigE cameras, I always make sure that I’m connected with ethernet, but often, I forget to disconnect my WIFI interface. Despite my LAN being higher priority than the WIFI, invariably, I get timeouts and the camera stops working and I have to disconnect WIFI, and restart the application. Is there a way to steer the communications through the LAN interface. Flir Spinaker SDK seems to allow this by allowing to select a specific network interface to use to connect to the camera.

Hi Louis,

You are right it is not possible to specify which interface aravis must use to connect to a camera.

There is 2 things we can do:

  • if aravis receive multiple discovery answers for the same device, it should prefer wired interfaces
  • we should provide an API to force the interface like FLIR spinaker SDK

Could you please open an issue on github ?


For the record, here is the report: