Set_region issue


The call set_region() fails (or at least, for my firefly) when either x0 or y0 is not 0.

print( 'setting roi', x0, y0, width, height ), y0, width, height)


setting roi 50 100 100 100
set roi arv-device-error-quark: USB3Vision write_memory error (invalid-parameter) (5)

A subesequent call to get_region() produces:

region of interest (x=0, y=0, width=720, height=540) stream buffers 100


Please create a new topic if you have a new question. Also take care to correctly format your messages, it makes them easier to read.

Back to your question: when you have this sort of issues, you can first try to enable the Aravis debug output. You just have to set the ARV_DEBUG environment variable:

export ARV_DEBUG=all


ARV_DEBUG=all ./your_code

What is the debug output when debug is enabled ?