Stability and the 0.8 release

Hi, I really appreciate all of your work on aravis, it’s a great project and you should be proud.

It would be even better though if we could have a new stable release. It seems like there’s been loads of improvement since 0.6.4 (the last stable release).

My questions are:

  1. How unstable are the “unstable” releases? E.g., what can I expect from using 0.7.4?
  2. What is required to hit a new stable release and can I help?

Hi John,

The stable/unstable is mostly releated to the API stabillity. So if you don’t mind to adapt to the API changes, 0.7.x releases should be at least as reliable as the 0.6.x series.

The next 0.8.x stable series should happen in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, testing and bug report is welcome.



Great, thanks for the prompt reply!

Quick suggestion: maybe add a note to this effect in the main README when it mentions that 0.7.4 is unstable?