Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano C4060 5 GigE support

I have been using Aravis with great success with the Nano C4030 camera, which outputs Bayer pixel format on 1 Gbps network. However, I just recently upgraded to their C4060 camera which also outputs Bayer pixel format, but on 5 Gbps network. Aravis doesn’t seem to be able to render this camera’s frames. Does anyone have any idea how to get this camera to work with Aravis?

Hi Scott,

I have reopened your issue on github for the investigation on the C4060 support:

I’m copying here the question at the end of your report:

Does anyone know of a camera that I can buy that I can get 25+ fps Bayer (5+ Gbps) that Aravis can render?

So if someone here has some experience with a device that fulfills these requirements, please let us know.