Teledyne DALSA-Linea M8192 line scanner

Hi, again.

Currently trying to get Aravis 0.6.4 to work with an Teledyne DALSA-Linea M8192 line scanner.

We are getting the following error:
[ArvDevice::get_float_feature_bounds] Node ‘AcquisitionFrameRateAbs’ is not a float

This particular line camera does not have either an AcquisitionFrameRate or AcquisitionFrameRateAbs feature. It instead appress to have an AcquisitionLineRate property.

What do you think?


arv_camera_set_frame_rate is the code responsible for frame rate setting.

Perhaps we could add a similar API that sets line rate. Meanwhile, you can use arv_device_set_integer_feature_value.