Theimagingsource latest GigE Cameras

Hello everybody,
we are starting a project to use the Aravis library with a gigE color camera, connected to an embedded device like a Raspberry.
We will just need to capture an image every once in a while, we do not need any video stream or high throughput capacity. We will need a sensor with more than 6MP.
The model selection is not yet finalized, but it will be one of the marketed GigE cameras of Theimagingsource:

Is Aravis compatible with DFX33- or DFK38- cameras? The compatibility list shows a DFK23 camera.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Kind regards,


Hi Rick,

We only have 2 different The Imaging Source devices at hand for testing purpose, a DMK23 and a DFK33. They work fine with aravis. It is better to ask directly to The Imaging Source. They are very friendly toward Aravis, the 2 cameras we have were given by them.



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