Use Aravis on Windows with Visual Studio C++


I’m just curious if it is possible to use the Aravis Libary with Visual Studio C++ on Windows 10. I have to develop small OpenCV programms that take pictures from industrial GenI Cameras and always used the C++ SDK of the manufactor like Vimba or uEye.

It would be really nice if I could use Aravis to replace all of these SDK so I don’t have to read 100 pages of documentation if I have to use a new camera.

Is this possible? I sadly can’t use Linux or Python because of company reasons.

Thanks for your help.

I doubt about MSVC, but there has been a few of us using Aravis under Windows with mingw toolchain. It is even packaged in MSYS2. So if all you need it Windows (and don’t mind dropping MSVC), this might be the way to go.

I will have a look at this.

Thank you very much!